Effective 23MAY2022
Filed 23MAY2022
Filing Codes I

Compensation to a licensed Ocean Freight Forwarder will be paid in
connection with any shipment dispatched on behalf of others when,
and only when, such Forwarder is licensed with the Federal Maritime
Commission under Section 19(a) of the Shipping Act of 1984, as
amended, and has certified in writing that it holds a valid FMC-
issued Forwarder License (including the number thereof) and has
performed the following services:
A. Compensation shall be paid only if the freight forwarder
   has performed, in addition to the solicitation and securing
   of the cargo for the ship or the booking of, or otherwise
   arranging for space for such cargo, two or more of the
   following services:
   1) The coordination of the movement of the cargo to
   2) The preparation and processing of the ocean Bill of
   3) The preparation and processing of dock receipts or
      delivery orders;
   4) The preparation and processing of consular documents
      or export declarations; or
   5) The payment of the ocean freight charges on the cargo.
B. Carrier shall pay compensation as specified below on the
   applicable ocean freight charges named in individual NRAs
   governed by this Tariff, to base ports, on cargo loaded,
   including heavy lift and extra length revenue, but
   excluding all other charges.

C. Compensation shall be paid upon presentation of a duly
   certified invoice and may not be deducted from ocean
   freight and other charges due in accordance with rates
   and conditions in this Tariff and this rule.
D. Bills for compensation will not be honored unless
   presented to carrier within sixty days of the date
   of clearance of vessel.
E. Compensation will not be paid on through Bill of 
   Lading cargo originating at port of loading beyond
   the application of this tariff.
F. No compensation shall be paid to anyone at port or
   ports of destination.
G. Freight Forwarders who are also Licensed Customs House
   Brokers shall be paid compensation as specified below
   based on the aggregate of all rates and charges
   applicable under this tariff, subject to the above
   conditions and exceptions.
H. Freight Forwarder Compensation:

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