Effective 23MAY2022
Filed 23MAY2022
Filing Codes I

Rates and charges named in individual NRAs governed by this Tariff
do NOT include marine or any other insurance maintained for the
benefit of the cargo, NOR do they include any Consular or Customs
Duties, Fees or Clearance Charges.
a. Shippers desiring Carrier to arrange insurance coverage for
   cargo value in excess of Carrier's stated liability (See Rules
   8 and 12) MUST notify Carrier, in writing, of the amount and
   type of insurance coverage desired and requested, PRIOR to
   commencement of transportation service. Insurance coverage
   will then be arranged and effected under the Carrier's Open
   Marine Policy, subject to all its restrictions, limitations
   and exclusions upon Shipper's payment of the applicable
   insurance premium. Current premiums for insurance coverage
   will be furnished upon request.
b. The Shipper and Consignee shall be and will remain severally
   and jointly liable for all Customs duties or fees and/or Customs
   clearance charges assessed upon arrival of cargo at destination.
   Cargo which cannot be cleared through Customs for any reason
   whatsoever will be stored and/or warehoused by Carrier at the
   risk and expense of the cargo, returned to origin upon Shipper's
   instructions, OR, turned over to Customs authorities without any
   further responsibility or liability on the part of the Carrier.
c. Any damage, deterioration or loss of cargo, and any fine imposed
   by Customs or other legal authorities at destination, as a result
   of Shipper's, Consignee's or their authorized agent's failure to
   comply with Customs or Consular regulations, or for any errors
   or omissions in Shipper supplied documentation or shipping
   information/instructions, shall be for the account of the

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