Effective 23MAY2022
Filed 23MAY2022
Filing Codes I

WEN-PARKER LOGISTICS, INC., a non-vessel-operating common carrier
(NVOCC), may tender cargo to other NVOCCs for co-loading at its
option, risk and expense, subject to the provisions named below.
For the purposes of this Rule, "Co-Loading" is the combining of
cargo in the import or export foreign commerce of the United
States, by two (2) or more NVOCCs for tendering to an Ocean
Common Carrier (VOCC) under the name of one (1) or more NVOCCs
(46 CFR 520.11c, 46 CFR 520.2).
1. Under joint carrier-to-carrier co-loading agreements with other
   NVOCCs, Carrier may, at its option, tender all, or any portion,
   of a Shipper's cargo to such other NVOCC to provide all, or any
   portion, of the thru transportation to destination. Additionally,
   Carrier reserves the right to tender cargo to other NVOCCs under
   a Shipper-to-Carrier relationship to accomplish all, or any
   portion, of the thru transportation.
2. It is understood that the tendering of cargo to, and when 
   applicable the acceptance of a B/L issued by, another NVOCC for
   co-loading shall NOT increase, reduce, alter or otherwise remove
   Carrier's liability to the Shipper for the cargo as stated in
   Carrier's B/L issued at the time of shipment (See Rule 8), or
   as provided in Rule 12 (Ad Valorem Rates).
3. When Carrier tenders cargo to another NVOCC for co-loading,
   whether under a Carrier-to-Carrier agreement, or as a Shipper,
   the Carrier will place a notation reading substantially as
   specified below on the face of the B/L covering such co-loaded
    "WEN-PARKER LOGISTICS, INC. has tendered the cargo moving
     under this Bill of Lading to (Name or SCAC Code of receiving
     NVOCC) for co-loading service."
4. The exercising of its option to utilize co-loading service does
   NOT alter or relieve Carrier of any responsibility for the payment
   of any underlying Carrier or receiving NVOCC rates and charges
   assessed for the transportation and handling of the cargo from
   origin to destination.

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