Effective 23MAY2022
Filed 23MAY2022
Filing Codes I

All shipments moving pursuant to and rated under the rules,
regulations, charges and rates named in individual NRAs governed
by this Tariff are predicated on Carrier's liability NOT exceeding
the limits specified in the Carrier's regular B/L (see Rule 8)
and/or the provisions named herein.
a. Overocean Service Liability:  The liability of the Carrier for
   any loss or damage to or in connection with transportation of
   goods shall not exceed US$500.00 or the equivalent of that sum
   in any other currency, per package or in the case of goods not
   shipped in packages, per customer freight unit unless the Shipper
   desires a value not so limited. In which case the Shipper shall
   declare a value in writing before shipment. This declared value
   will be inserted onto the Bill of Lading, and to compensate the
   Carrier for its greater responsibility, the Shipper shall pay on
   this shipment five (5%) percent of the value so declared in
   addition to the specific rate for the commodity shipped as
   specified in this tariff or the Minimum Bill of Lading Charge
   (See Rule 6).
b. Inland Service Liability: While cargo is in transport between
   U.S. Points of Origin or Destination and U.S. POL or POD as
   part of a through intermodal movement, the terms, conditions
   and liability of the U.S. domestic inland Carrier's Tariff
   or Contract of Carriage will apply. WEN-PARKER LOGISTICS,
   INC.'s  liability will be limited to the same extent, in the
   same amounts and by the same conditions as published and
   enforced by the U.S. Domestic Carrier. WEN-PARKER LOGISTICS,
   INC. will NOT accept, NOR be liable for, any liability greater
   than the such limits.
c. Neither any oral declaration, nor any statement of value for
   governmental or Customs purposes, nor presentation of invoices
   for use in foreign Customs, nor collection of C.O.D. amounts
   or other purposes, nor the declaration of value for insurance,
   nor instructions to the Carrier to insure, shall be deemed a
   "declaration of value" as provided in paragraphs a. and b.
   above which would increase Carrier's stipulated liability,
   nor shall any such offering supplement or amend in any way the
   liability of the Carrier for the cargo at the time of shipment,
   on which charges for transportation services are based.
d. Regardless of the value declared by the Shipper, Carrier's
   liability will NOT exceed the actual value of the cargo or
   the actual damages sustained when less.
e. Where rates or charges are specified in this Tariff as applying
   on an Ad Valorem Basis, the value used in the assessing freight
   charges shall be the invoice value shown on Shipping Documents
   and the Bill of Lading.

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