Effective 20JUL2004
Filed 20JUL2004
Filing Codes I

The following described articles and property will NOT be
accepted for transportation under the terms, conditions,
rates and charges named in this Tariff without specific
prior approval of the Ocean Carrier:
a. Animals, live, domestic or wild, including pets or
   livestock; and
b. Articles, or parts thereof, the transportation of which
   is prohibited in U.S. interstate or foreign commerce, or
   which is prohibited by applicable laws of other
   countries to or through which Carrier provides
   transportation service; and
c. Articles or cargo which because of its inherent
   characteristics are liable to impregnate, destroy or
   otherwise damage cargo, vessels, docks, piers,
   terminals, warehouses, or transporting/handling
   equipment; and
d. Bank Bills, Coin or Currency, Deeds, Drafts, Notes or 
   other valuable paper of any kind; jewelry including
   costume or novelty jewelry, except where otherwise
   specifically provided; postage stamps or letters or
   packets of letters with or without postage stamps
   affixed; Precious Metals or Stones or Articles
   manufactured therefrom; Revenue Stamps; Works or Art;
   Antiques, or other related or unrelated old, rare or
   precious articles of extraordinary value; and
e. Cargo which requires protection from heat or cold; and
f. Cargo, loose on platforms or pallets; and
g. Shipments containing individual pieces, packages or
   units weighing more than 22,400 lbs. and/or measuring
   more than 1200 cubic feet and/or which, because of its
   width, length or height cannot be wholly loaded within a
   single transporting container.

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