Effective 20JUL2004
Filed 20JUL2004
Filing Codes I

Empty or loaded containers may be removed from Carrier
designated CY or Rail Yard/Ramp by the Shipper or his agent
for loading and by the Consignee or his agent for
unloading, SUBJECT to the following provisions:
a. When required, Shipper, Consignee or their agent, MUST
   execute the underlying VOCC's standard Equipment
   Interchange Agreement and receipt at the time of
   interchange.  All Equipment Detention Charges incurred
   by Shipper, Consignee or their Agent while container is
   in their possession will be for the account of the party
   incurring such charges.
b. Containers MUST be returned by the Shipper, Consignee or
   his Agent to the CY or Rail Yard/Ramp from which they
   were removed unless Carrier instructs or agrees that
   container is to be returned to another location.
   Containers may ONLY be interchanged during regular
   working hours, unless prior arrangements have been made
   for interchange at other times.
c. Carrier will accept return tender of Shipper loaded and
   sealed containers at CY or Rail Yard/Ramp SUBJECT to the
   provisions of Rule 2.23 below and B/Ls issued to
   cover such containers MUST be claused "Shipper Load,
   Stow and Count."

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