Effective 20JUL2004
Filed 20JUL2004
Filing Codes I

 All Ports in the following Port Location Groups:
    CONT      All Continental European Ports in the
              Hamburg, Germany/Bayonne, France Range
    IBER      All Atlantic Coast Ports in Portugal and
              Spain in the Donostia, Spain/Cadiz, Spain
    UKGP      All Ports in the United Kingdom (England,
              Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) and
              the Republic of Ireland.
    SCAN      All Ports in Denmark, Finland, Iceland,
              Norway, and Sweden.
    BALT      All Ports on the Baltic Sea in the Kiel,
              Germany/St. Petersburg, Russia Range.
    MEDT      All Ports on the Mediterranean Sea in
              Africa, Europe and Asia, including All Ports
              on the Adriatic, Aegean and Black Seas and
              the Islands therein.
    AFRC      All Ports in East, South and West Africa in
              the Tangier, Morocco/Berbera, Somalia Range
              including All Ports on the Island of
    MDST      All Ports in the Middle East on the Red Sea,
              Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf and
              the Gulf of Oman in the Djibouti/Bandar
              Beheshti, Iran Range.
    INDA      All Ports in Asia in the Karachi,
              Pakistan/Mergui, Burma Range and All Ports
              on the Islands of the Indian Ocean
              (Excluding Madagascar.
    FRST      All Ports in the Far East in Japan, Hong
              Kong, Taiwan (ROC), Korea, the Philippines,
              the People's Republic of China and Ports on
              the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan in
    SEAS      All Ports in Southeast Asia in Kampuchea,
              Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam,
              and All Ports on the Islands of Indonesia.
    ANZS      All Ports in Australia, New Zealand, Papua,
              New Guinea and on the Islands of the Pacific
              Ocean North and East Australia (EXCLUDING
              the Aleutian Islands, American Samoa, the
              Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, Guam
              and  Hawaii).
    ECNA      All Ports on the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of
              Mexico in the Countries of Belize, Costa
              Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua
              and Panama.
    WCNA      All Ports on the Pacific Ocean in the
              Countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador,
              Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and
    ECSA      All ports on the Atlantic Ocean and the
              Caribbean Sea in the Countries of Argentina,
              Brazil, Colombia, french Guiana, Guyana,
              Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela.
    WCSA      All Ports on the Pacific Ocean in the
              Countries of Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and
    CARB      All Ports on the Islands of the Caribbean
              Sea,including but not limited to, the
              Greater Antilles (the Dominican Republic,
              Haiti and Jamaica), Trinidad and Tobago, the
              Lesser Antilles and the Leeward and Windward
              Islands (EXCLUDING Cuba, Puerto Rico and the
              U.S. Virgin Islands.
    ISLA      All ports on the Islands of the Atlantic
              Ocean, including but not limited to the
              Azores, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Canary
              Islands, the Cape Verde Islands, the
              Falkland Islands and the Madeira Islands.
    CAND      All Ports in Canada on the Atlantic and
              Pacific Oceans, the Great Lakes and the St.
              Lawrence Seaway.

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