Effective 20JUL2004
Filed 20JUL2004
Filing Codes I

a. All Points in the States of:
   Alabama            Kentucky            Ohio
   Alaska             Louisiana           Oklahoma
   Arizona            Maine               Oregon
   Arkansas           Maryland            Pennsylvania
   California         Massachusetts       Rhode Island
   Colorado           Michigan            South Carolina
   Connecticut        Minnesota           South Dakota
   Delaware           Mississippi         Tennessee
   Florida            Missouri            Texas
   District of        Montana             Utah
   Columbia           Nebraska            Vermont
   Georgia            Nevada              Virginia
   Hawaii             New Hampshire       Washington
   Idaho              New Jersey          West Virginia
   Illinois           New Mexico          Wisconsin
   Indiana            New York            Wyoming
   Iowa               North Carolina
   Kansas             North Dakota
b. All Points in the following United States Territories
   and Possessions:
   American Samoa
   Commonwealth of the Marianas
   Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
   United States Virgin Islands
c. Rates applying from or to the interior points in the
   United States and its Territories and Possessions named
   above are "through" intermodal rates moving via
   motor/ocean, rail/ocean, motor-rail/ocean, air/ocean, or
   air-motor/ocean transportation service when interchanged
   between the inland carrier and Demo Tariff Lines,
   Inc. at one of the Ports named in Rule 1.1
   above.  Through intermodal rates INCLUDE drayage or
   other transfer services performed at intermediate ports
   or points on shipments handled through to destination
   and not stopped off for special services at such
   intermediate ports or points.
d. Inland Carriers in the United States and its
   Territories and Possessions will be utilized on the
   basis of availability of service and as Demo
   Lines, Inc. deems necessary to guarantee
   safe and efficient transportation. Demo
   Lines Inc is NOT obligated to transport cargo by
   any particular rail, motor, air or water carrier, NOR
   shall Demo Lines Inc. be restricted
   to the use of Shipper or Consignee "preferred" or
   "selected" carriers.  Selection of the rail, motor, air
   or water carrier to be used for any portion of the
   inland transportation of cargo from/to the inland Point
   of Service to/from the Port of Interchange shall be at
   the sole discretion of Demo Lines. Inc.
e. Liability for cargo during through intermodal
   transportation service will be as provided in the
   applicable Demo Lines Inc's regular
   Long Form B/L (See Rule 8).

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